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Hydroforming is a process for manufacturing a wide variety of complex metal parts - since the mid-1990s, this process has developed rapidly and been widely used in both the automotive and non-automotive industries. Hydroforming process treats the tube as the processing object; the tube is filled with high-pressure liquid to make pressure on the inner tube wall and the two tube ends are sealed with sealing stoppers.
The hydroforming technique uses axial feed for material compensation to ensure close contact between the outer pipe surface and the forming mold and then gets the required part contour.
Hydroforming has been increasingly used to produce automobile components such as exhaust pipe in recent years, most of them involve extremely complicated shape. Compared with traditional process methods, the advantages of hydroforming are: reducing the weight of parts, material saving,increasing the strength and stiffness of parts, ideal for complex shapes and irregular contours.
The globally active fischer Group has already adopted this tube manipulation trend early on ,firmly integrating the method into its global production sites.
In 2014, fischer Taicang invested nearly 100 million RMB to import the entire hydroforming production line from Germany, including 25.000KN hydroforming press、annealing oven、washing machine、bending machine、coating machine, etc., which can complete the hydroforming process accurately and efficiently.

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